It started with a letterpress

Cahaya Sam Perindasa pt. was established in 1975 and began with only a single unit of the Matador Letterpress. Recognizing the growing needs and importance of quality from the consumers and the market, early investment in new technology were brought in, which helped us to achieve a higher degree of quality standard and recognition.


Today, we continue in new technology and total print management system to ensure client satisfaction by providing the steps to the most flexible print services available. The critical component to our system is the human element. Our staff is dedicated to our client’s need and we strive to find great satisfaction in exceeding our customers’ expectation. The balance of equipment and people is the key to our success and customer’s satisfaction.



Cahaya Sam Perindasa pt. | J Karang Bolong Raya No. 3 Ancol Barat - Jakarta 14430
Tel: (021) 6900748 (hunting) Fax: (021) 6909387